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Is This Thing On?

Blog. what a funny word.

Well i guess i will start this thing off with alittle about whats been going on lately..

About a year ago i injured my arm. my nerves , strength, and feeling in my hand/fingers got effected. It has taken about this long for things to "buff" out.

During that time i rode alot less.

When you're injured some times its hard not to get bummed out about not being able to ride.

I should have spent that time doing more positive things like creating or blogging bike tips or whatever..

Well i guess better late than never.

So... here at i will be posting weekly about my life and my riding. My goal is to post bike tips, health tips, and whatever else that may or may not be relevant.

One new life change that i made a few months ago was to make the move towards a more vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. And in one of the up coming blogs i will better explain why i have made these decisions and i will also be sharing some recipes we find or create here at the ranch.

We will have a DVD and shirt combo package coming soon, as well as a Two Fingers Sweatshirt, but today you can show your support by ordering a 5 pack of Two Finger stickers.

I guess thats all i got for now..

I would like to say thank you to everyone for all your support and for reading this gibberish

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