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Why Choose Organic?

I recently put the Two Fingers Sweatshirt up for Pre-Sale and i got a few dumb responses to my decision to utilize organic cotton. So Today I will explain a couple reasons why i made drastic changes in my life to be more natural.

It all started with Chemtrails, the long lasting chemical or condensation trails that blanket our skys. When i moved out to the Ranch I gained a pretty good 360 view of the sky, and thats when i began to notice the odd flight patterns and strange hazes. Anyways, fast forward, I started getting more concerned with my health, the same sources discussing chemtrails were also talking about the decline of America, the world around us, and the poisoning of our water and food supply. It all began to be too much to ignore.

So today I choose to make changes for my self and encourage others to do the same. Bringing it back to cotton, cotton is said to be the worlds "dirtiest" crop. "Traditional" cotton cultivation accounts for 2.5% of farmed land but 16-25% of the worlds pesticides and synthetic fertilizers each year. 1.4 billion pounds of pesticides are used just on "traditional" cotton. Whats crazy is 50 years ago "traditional" cotton was more like organic cotton.

Pesticides arent the only downfall to the "traditional" cotton of today, worldwide 3 trillion gallons of water are used to produce 60 billion kilos of fabric, thats 700 gallons a tshirt. All that water mixed with all those chemicals can only mean one thing. There are more than 77 highly toxic substances that can be found in soil and water ways just from the textile treatment and dyes. This accounts for the up to 20% of fresh water pollution that is directly linked to the textile industry. The Textile industry also uses 10% of the global power consumption and because of lack of regulation is prone to breaches in the international labour standards and is not uncommon to see abuse, explotation, child and forced labour. Another major issue is the use of GMO or BT Cotton, 90% of U.S. cotton is GMO. Genetically modified organisms have been linked to cancer, birth defects, infertility, behavioural problems and more. GMO crops also promote the use of more pesticides, which brings more chemicals into the picture. After the fabric is produced, the cottonseed is utilized to create "fillers" for animla feed and cooking oils. So that means every day you consume or wear somnething that spent its life consuming chemicals and genetically modified organisms.

There are so many reasons to start making concious decisions in your life, and to encourage others to do the same. For your planet, and for every other living organisim.

So I choose organic, I know its not a perfect system, but it's the best we have..

Every country has different standards to gain the organic certification, but basically one must not use chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms.

This helps keep millions of pounds of chemicals out of the enviroment each year. This means healthier conditions for our families, our farmers and every other creature on earth. It also reduces global warming (organic plants pull more CO2 from the air), and promotes bio-diversity. Insect and birdlife has been said to be as much as 50% higher on organic farms, using nature to balance nature.

The top 99% of organic cotton production comes from India (51%), Syria (19%), Turkey (17%), China (5%), and Tanzania (2%).

So whether you get it from U.S. soil or abroad, please choose organic, for your own health and for the children of tomorrow.

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