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ZX6R Fuel Pump Love Life


Awhile ago Bryan Marino introduced the pump mod, and my bike was starting to feel sluggish (i knew everything else was good) so i swapped out my pump for a used 2013 pump.

I was under the impression they were more cleanable than the 03 pump, this turned out to be false. They are just newer, and most likely less wear and tear than a 03 pump.

Well in my case this was not true. My bike wouldnt get over 12k rpms. the filters were clogged and after two cleanings i gave up on her.

During the cleaning and swapping of pumps i noticed the 03 pump has a sump built into the pump housing, the 07+ has a sump built in to the shape of the tank.. the pump is flat.

Ahh haaa lightbulb emoji so i came to find out i was having two issues, the fuel was sloshing around and not keeping the 2013 pump submerged, and the 2013 pump i had was fubar.

Luckily i found a minty fresh 03 pump in my pile of parts, i had no idea it was a good pump till i dissassembled it.

Swapping them, felt like adding racing stripes to a camaro, instant horsepower.

So conclusion to this story is...

2003-2004 fuel pumps are designed for the shape of a 2003-2004 gas tank.. and unless you keep your tank full you are going to have a bad time with a 2007+ fuel pump in a 2003 tank.

2007+ fuel pumps work if thats all you have, but in the future , when i need a pump, i will be paying full price for the fresh pump, because when you feel the difference... well... dont take my word for it... try it on your bike and see !

If you havent cleaned your mesh screen out yet, you can find out how to on the stuntbums youtube channel, and if you still wanted to swap to a 2007+ fuel pump you can find that on Bryan Marinos youtube page.

thanks for watching, share with a friend that needs the knowledge!

show your support for the real freestyle lifestyle by ordering a sticker pack from my website, more to come soon.

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