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SuperBloom 2016

So the weekend was fast approaching and Johnnyboy and I had heard alil buzz about something they call a Superbloom. Its an occasion that only happens when the conditions are just right. This year we had enough moisture to get the desert gold to shine .

As long as i can remember i have wondered whats in the valley named after death. With a name like that it has to be exciting. Well its finally time to take that trip!

Just like with all my adventures i hop on the google device to search history, happenings, and hot spots in the area. And always, there is so much to do and see, so i printed out a map and made a route thru some of the cool areas.

Friday night Johnny came and picked me up, and we hit the road. I knew the route so i drove, Johnny had a few naps haha.

We headed out on the 15 towards Las Vegas but when we hit the largest thermometer in the desert we hucked a left, headed north thru the night. We planed on going thru the Shoshone area to hit the Bad Water Basin but we encountered a closed highway.

Major bummer so we snapped some sky photos and then hit the road again...

We took the long way around thru Furnace Creek area and back down to Bad Water Basin. We spent some time there and then hit up the Artists Palette. After that we got breakfast in Furnace Creek and started heading home because Johnny had some plans..

On the way out i had to dip my toes in the sand at Mesquite Flats Dunes and check out the desert oasis know as Darwin Falls...

It was another epic journey with JohnnyBoyMedia!

thanks for watching

Oh, BTW, i think i am now the lowest wheelie in america. yay

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