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VLOG 3 - Making Babies and Shooting Stars

Yesterday was my birthday and i officially started Vlogging...

When i heard the Perseids Meteor shower was gonna be going off i knew i hd to hit up Joshua Tree National Park.

I convinced the wife we need to take our boy Fox for his first star gazing adventure..

A short drive later we were out in a Busy Joshua Tree.. obviously we were not the only people with this idea.

the only spot to park was along the road, with cars drive past all night until about 4am..

when you are searching for darkness, to see the night sky, the last thing you want is Car lights in your face every 30 secs.

The other issue was i forgot my Remote timer, which is pretty much essential for night photography...

Freestyle Lifestyle.

We made the best of the situation, and i will honestly say it was an amazing experiance.

I have seen many objects in the night sky, but the volume of large meteors showering last night was impressive.

At times i was just spinning 360 with my eyes to the sky just overwelhmed with how much space debris we are flying thru at this moment..

A few facts..

The Perseids Meteor shower happens every summer, but this year is unusually intense due to addtional gravitational forces by other objects in the vast expanse of space.

Swift-Tuttle is the actual name of the Comet thats on a 133 (earth) year journey around the sun, what a massive length of time.

Every year Earth passes thru a portion of its comet trail.

I encourage you to get out and enjoy the night sky, if its been awhile.... get as far away from the city lights as possible.

there are website that you can find out were the darkest skys in your region are.... gooooogle it.

BAby Making

What a magical experience... from start to finish.

There are many life decisions to make when you embark on this journey... i will touch on a few of them.

Our biggest goal was to do everything as natural as possible... not just to be natural, because that is how to have the healthiest baby.

We opted to go with a birthing center and midwife after weighting all the options..

Fast forward to the big day...

We had some complications that took us to the hospital.

Overall the experience we had at the hospital was good, most of the people there were good peoples.

Some of the issues i had with the Hospital is the paperwork you are forced to sign to receive treatment.

In short it says you release all of your rights to the hospital, if accidents happen they are not at fault. It also mentioned medical students.. knowing there are 250,000-500,000 reported accidental deaths each year in the United States, I wasn't comfortable with this paperwork.

I asked to speak to someone to clarify, but the only employee robots for that job.... they don't understand anything other than you must sign this... its Insane.

Once we got past that hurtle we were asked to sign a handful of forms stating we turned down Vaccines, Vitamin K injection, Erythromycin (eye goop), and circumcision..

they light weight encourage you to do these things but we knew what we knew and know what we want...

I had issues with the Pitocin and Epidural.. and there are many potential complications with them.. some are noticeable at the time like blood pressure and heart rates.. others are potentially longer term effects.

but because of our situation we kind of had to rely on these modern "conveniences"

we also opted out of wiping all the Vernix (white stuff on newborn baby), today doctors immediately wipe off this protective layer.. but unless there is a complication that warrants it, leave it, its a antioxidant and antibacterial..

We also opted out of signing up for Social Security..

I will dive deeper into this subject later.

In short, you sign your child up for a life of slavery, while our government/bankers profits off your soul. Just for the tax cut.... aka less financial slavery. which averages to about $400 "savings" each year.. thats not worth it to me... understanding what i do about the system.

More on this later..

lastly i want to mention ... Breast Feeding!

I encourage all to educate themselves on the subject... its either you go all natural or you dont...

when you arent relying on the sketchy vaccines to keep you healthy, you rely on your immune system.

Breast feeding is an essential part of building up the immune system, as well as the bond between mother and child.

There are many downsides to using formula's and vaccines.... and with the insane Autism rates in recent history... its easy to see the "modern" methods are not working.

Nature has the answer.

well its time to eat foods... i must go...

if you want to know more feel free to comment or email

and thanks for watching..

oh and i didnt check for spelling and grammar errors... sorry for my poor communication skills, hopefully it sparks some thirst for knweldge on the subjectsssssss PEACE EMOJI

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