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VLOG 4: Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day W/ DUsty Diesel

Late Post Alert !

I drove down to Anaheim stadium to meet up with Dusty Diesel and check out the FREEEEE Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day event.

I hadn't entered a event thru the front gate in a long time..

we got turned away twice..

Once for skateboards..

Second time for my pocket knife..

haha . Amateurs .

When we got they finally herded us thru the Cattle Gates we were greeted by a parking lot full of pimped out rides....

...oh.. i mean.. the scene was Sav...

We walked around little bit, checking out the show cars, testing out my new EVO GP-PRO gimbal i just picked up.

The 3 axis gimbal is a great invention if you are into filming. I bought the EVO after little reading... It seems to be a solid build. and the only issues i have are with the joystick.

You press down on the joystick to change modes. this happens on accident and while your filming you get disorientated.

I still recommend it if your in need...

After walking around all bit we tried to find a place to get a good view of the drift showwwwww...

I got kicked off most anything i tried to stand on.... rightly so.. i would be mad at me if i was them.... haha

Anyway it was coooool beans...

After the event Dustin was hyped up so we went and slide his new super truck...

Check out the video to see the rest!

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